I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it were not for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant lower back pain. I tried everything from painkillers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it. So I decided to go to a chiropractor before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pains are gone and I am living my life to the fullest and pain free.

Jeffrey Harris
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Upper Cervical Care & ChiroThin Results



Ms. Work In Progress - Back Pain, Hand Numbness & Weight Loss

Age: 43


    I have known Dr. Trentacosta for almost 12 years now.  In hindsight, the fact that I have known him this long & only very recently reached out to him was my mistake.  In a matter of six weeks he has changed my life and the lives of both my children for the better.

    For a month I had stabbing pain between my shoulder blades that gave me numbness in my left hand & severe arm weakness.  In desperation one day I reached out to Dr. Trentacosta's wife & with one phone call he actually came to my home that night and gave me my first adjustment.  The relief was instant.  The pain was gone.  It took about another month for the numbness to go away entirely but now it is gone & I have never felt healthier from the inside out.

    He stayed and spoke to me longer about my current weight loss frustrations.  I had a LAP-BAND back in 2009 that was removed less than a year later due to complications however I was stuck where I was at my current weight when Dr. Trentacosta suggested to me that I try his ChiroTHIN drops for six weeks.  At the time I was drinking two protein shakes a day & having a salad for dinner not to mention always exhausted so what did I have to lose.

    In a matter of six week I lost 25 pounds and over 30 inches!  Not to mention I was eating more actual food than I had eaten in a couple years.  I have been off the drops for six weeks now and am still losing!  I start my second round this weekend.  With that being said as of today...I am down 32 pounds and 35 inches.  I am so excited for the next six weeks!

    Both of my children were on the drops for three weeks also following the meal plan.  Both of them with the same crazy, amazing success!  Seems men do a little extra fantastic...my son dropped 20 pounds & 30 inches in THREE WEEKS!  This stuff is real.  I will be back in six more weeks.... just call me Dr. Trentacosta's "work in progress".




I have completed my second round of Dr Trentacosta's drops with the exact results as my first round...I am down a total of over 50 POUNDS & countless inches!! THIS IS REAL. I weigh less than I have since my almost 16 year old son was born...I like to tease I am finally losing my baby weight

Back in the Spring when I started I had a certain "weight" in mind & I am there now. Now that I am here...I have decided to do it one more time. I feel my hip bones, see my collar bones, I feel prettier & healthier than I have in my entire life. My yearly blood work revealed a cholesterol level of 169...it was 280 the year before. My medical doctor could not believe it!

Not to mention the support I have from Dr Trentacosta is like no other~he is a text away from me at all times, for any reason, and every question.

Next update I hope to have the courage to show my before & after photos. I have never been happier or more confident.

Thank you Dr Greg!! YOU have changed my entire life! I will never be able to thank you enough!





Ms. K. W. - Low Back, Neck & Knee Pain


  Some people wait a lifetime to find what I found at the Innate Chiropractic Care Clinic with Dr. Greg Trentacosta.

  For many years I've had a problem with my lower back, and my neck (herniated discs), that would come and go.  Normally, the majority of my pain has been in my neck.  The arthritis and herniated discs cause frequent headaches and pinched nerves, which radiate into my shoulder, shoulder blades and arms.  I have tried various relief measures ranging from an orthopedic doctor, physiatrist, physical therapy, adjustments by a chiropractor, and shots of cortisone, all of which provided temporary relief.  At one time or another each one felt that eventually I may need surgery to alleviate the herniated discs.  I continued trying alternative methods rather than turn to medication or surgery.

  At the end of January 2003, the pain in my lower back started again, then radiated to my left knee.  I went to an orthopedic doctor who took x-rays and told me it was something that would just heal by itself.  I went to a chiropractor for 3 months, sometimes 2-3 times per week.  It would relieve the pain for a few hours, only to return again.  I had great difficulty sitting for too long, and it took great effort to get out of a chair by myself.  I had difficulty sleeping at night, because every time I moved the pain in my back or my knee would wake me up.  As a teacher I am on my feet a lot, and up and down the stairs frequently throughout the day.  This became a real chore for me.  I finally conceded to wearing a knee brace to get through my day comfortably.  In April, after 3 months of going to a chiropractor, I asked him if I would ever be able to get up from a chair alone, or walk quickly up the stairs again?  He just didn’t know why the adjustments weren’t holding longer than 2 hours.

  One day I was cleaning off my desk and I came across the information on upper cervical care that I had sent away for, about a year ago.  I re-read it and found that it might be something I should look in to.  At that point I would do almost anything to relieve the constant nagging pain I was experiencing.  I made an appointment with Dr. Greg Trentacosta and on May 8, 2003 I was on the road to recovery, I just didn’t know that yet.  Dr. Greg took x-rays and scanned my brainstem and talked to me about an hour explaining what upper cervical chiropractic care was about.  I figured “what the hell, I had nothing to lose”.  The ironic part of it was that from my first meeting with Dr. Greg, I felt completely confident being in his care.  He gave me hope that these adjustments would put my body in a healing state.  The following weeks he started my adjustments.  I went weekly and after 2 or 3 weeks, my body was starting to heal.  I could get up out of a chair without assistance, I could walk without a brace on my knee, and I am able to sleep at night.  I didn’t have the constant nagging pain I had been living with since January.  I was so excited to feel so good again, that the next weekend while visiting friends at their shore house I wanted to show them just how well upper cervical care had worked for me.  So, guess what I did?  I ran up and down the stairs three times… and I didn’t fall apart.  In fact, my day went on as usual.  I wanted to share the wealth, so I told anyone I came in contact with, that was in pain, all about upper cervical care and referred them to Dr. Greg.  I still keep my weekly appointment with Dr. Greg, sometimes I need an adjustment, sometimes my reading is clear.  I will continue my visits with the hope that one day I will even be able to play tennis again.  I’ll let you know when that day comes.

I am truly grateful that I found Dr. Greg and Upper Cervical Care.  He has given me back my days of being virtually pain free.




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